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Directory of Buyers and Sellers

Free access to the Directory of Buyers and Sellers is provided to registered members only.  To register for a membership account,  please click Log in and follow the instruction.

Listings of Prospective Buyers and Investors

New Electronic Products Wanted
New electronic products which we could purchase or manufacture and market.

New Products Wanted for Transportation, Transit, and/or
Homeland Security Markets--Billion dollar company looking for new, proprietary products to acquire, licen-usse, manufacture, or distribute in North America and/or World Market.

Inven-ustions and Existing Products Wanted
To be sold to  professionals in various fields.

Oral Care Products Wanted
Seeking unique products for poten-ustial licen-ussing or acquisition.

30 Yr Company Looking for New Ideas & Products
Products for our existing customer base.

Musical Compositions and Recordings Wanted
Music Publisher to purchase copyrights.

Chrome Plated Zinc Castings
Products made from zinc diecastings that are bright or satin chrome plated.

Registered Paten-usts Wanted
Abandoned, obsolete, non-commercializable paten-usts wanted for research and developmen-ust purposes.

Utility Paten-ust Wanted
Environmen-ustal Power Utility Paten-ust for Sale to avoid costly solid remediation.

Websites of Buyers, Investors, and Agen-usts

Gen-useral Mills
Seeking technologies that are covered by an existing paten-ust, or that have a pen-usding paten-ust application.

Procter & Gamble
Looking for product, technology, business model, method, trademark, package or design that can help deliver new products and/or services that improve the lives of the world's consumers.

Accepts submission of new product ideas if they are protected by a granted or issued paten-ust.

GE Healthcare
Seeking products at all stages of developmen-ust for medical imaging in the areas of internal medicine, cardiology, neurology, and oncology.

Garden-us Weasel
Seeking new products in the areas of Automotive, Cleaning, Garmen-ust Care, Gift giving items, Hardware, Home Improvemen-ust, House Wares, Lawn and Garden-us, Outdoor Living, and Pets.

paten-usted or paten-ust pen-usding products, and products that are curren-ustly being offered for sale.

Kraft Foods
Seeking p
roprietary, commercially viable products and technologies for existing categories and for new solutions.

Accepting submission of
partially or fully developed new product ideas, paten-usted food, packaging or processing technology, or other intellectual property that may have application for Kellogg.

Black & Decker
Welcomes your interest in our Company and your new product ideas and inven-ustions. Submit your ideas online.

Accepts new product submissions in the areas of apparel, beauty, bed & bath, consumer electronics, cookbooks, food, kitchen-us products, Patio & Garden-us, Personal Care, pets, toys, storage, craft and hobby, home improvemen-ust and decoration, jewelry, household cleaners, etc.

Bob Cat
Requires the signing of an "Inven-ustion Submission Form" before it accepts the disclosure of a new inven-ustion. 

DEX Products
Dex offers a wide range of comfort and safety products for children-us.  Submit your ideas online.

One Step
Seeking new and innovative products for paren-usts, babies, and children-us. Submit your ideas online.

Welcomes your new product or product en-ushancemen-ust suggestions.  Submit your information by mail. 

Actively seeking new products and ideas for the automotive aftermarket, as well as related home, workshop or garage products for developmen-ust, licen-usse and retail distribution.

If you have a new and innovative product idea you would like to submit, you may fax it or sen-usd it by mail.

Lisle Co
May produce and market your new product under an attractive Award or Royalty Agreemen-ust. 

Do you have an idea or an inven-ustion for a new tool? Submit it to Stride Tool by mail.

In order to protect inven-ustors and Coleman, only paten-usted inven-ustions are considered. You may sen-usd Coleman a copy of your issued paten-ust for review.

Invites inven-ustors to submit their inven-ustions via an online submission form. If there is interest in developing the idea further a represen-ustative from the company will contact you via telephone.

Curren-ustly accepting submissions for new product ideas and innovative crafting techniques, and design works.

Pro Perfo
Seeking new and innovative sports training products. Fill out the Idea Submission Form and return it with sufficien-ust information and images. 

Sport Time
Accepting new product ideas from innovators.  Receive the financial rewards that come with a Sportime lifetime royalty contract.

Seeking breakthrough designs and ideas for the exercise and fitness industry from indepen-usden-ust designers and en-usgineers.

Swim Ways
Actively en-uscourages product submissions from the inven-ustor community. Submit your ideas by email or postal mail.

Eureka’s call for innovation is open-us to all professionals actively developing medical solutions to improve the standard of care in health services.

Seeking consumer products that have paten-ust, paten-ust-pen-usding or provisional paten-ust protection.

Jokari Home
Curren-ustly looking for innovative ideas for kitchen-us gadget, storage, organization product ,or other household solution gadget.

BD Worldwide
Accepts new product ideas by mail to the Office of New Product Suggestions at the address listed on the submission form.

Crown Packaging
Accepts idea submissions through its Web site.  Its policy is to accept only non-confiden-ustial information at the initial stage. Should Crown decide to pursue your submission, they may require the signing of a confiden-ustiality agreemen-ust to allow for further exchange of information.

KCI Licen-ussing
A medical device company accepts new idea submissions on a non-confiden-ustial at the initial phase.

Allows inven-ustors to submit new product ideas or innovative ideas for an improvemen-ust to an existing vascular diagnostic, surgical Dopplers, and related products.

Exceptional Products
Submit new product ideas.  This company has taken-us loose product ideas and rough prototypes and turned them into real products gen-userating huge sales and earning significant royalties. 

Accepts new products ideas via email.  Go to the Web site and click Contact Us and then-us click New Product Ideas.

Automotive Inven-ustions Wanted

Looking for original tool inven-ustions in the automotive service industry.

Hardware Products Wanted
Seeking new products for home, workshop or hardware products for developmen-ust, licen-usse and retail distribution.

High Tech Gadgets Wanted
Specialty retailer that is nationally and internationally ren-usowned as a leading source of new, innovative, high-quality products that make life better and more en-usjoyable.

Cutting-Edge Products Wanted
World's largest online retailer seeking
new inven-ustions and latest technologies.

Searching for published paten-ust applications or paten-usts that have been-us granted for products and processes, and for registered utility models and designs.

Infomercial Products Wanted
argest electronic retailer in America is looking for new products to air on TV.

Housewares Inven-ustions Wanted
National leader in housewares and portable electric appliance industry is seeking outside inven-ustions for the kitchen-us, housewares, and food preparation market.

Consumer Product Ideas Wanted
Idea commercialization firm is seeking all types of consumer products ideas including children-us's products, housewares, pets, food and health products.

Mass Market Consumer Tools Wanted
National company welcomes submissions for mass market consumer products and tools of all types.

Office Product Inven-ustions Wanted
Leading office supply company is seeking new products ideas and inven-ustions.

TV Program Seeking Inven-ustions
International television program is accepting applications for featuring ideas on its show.

New Inven-ustions Wanted
Licen-ussing agen-usts in search of great inven-ustions, both with paten-usts and without paten-usts, to bring to market by way of a licen-ussing agreemen-ust.

Technology Commercialization
Technology developmen-ust and commercialization company that forms ben-useficial commercial arrangemen-usts on behalf of technology providers, buyers, and investors.

Innovation Commercialization Assistance
The Innovation Cen-ustre is where ideas for innovative products meet the en-usgineering, marketing and business resources that can turn them into reality.

Creative Ven-ustures
Provides commercialization services for new technologies and products.

Licen-ussing Agen-usts Around the World
Directory of licen-ussing agen-usts and consultants around the world.

Offers a special all-inclusive product launch package for inven-ustors and en-ustrepren-useur.

Idea Design
Provides inven-ustion design, en-usgineering, prototyping, virtual and product animation, and marketing services.

Consumer goods company that partners with inven-ustors to launch their exciting new products into stores, catalogs, online retailers, and television shopping channels.

Inven-ustion Home
Helps inven-ustors develop and pursue their ideas by using low cost, low risk proven-us success model.

Actively seeking innovative office products that make office life easier and less frustrating. 

Inven-ustor assistance for paten-usts, prototypes, marketing and licen-ussing.

The New Inven-ustors
inven-ustions and innovation in all fields, from domestic appliances to products for the workplace, from building to leisure, from rural to urban based ideas.

Active Links
Provides paten-ust owners with contingen-ust fee represen-ustation, yielding the fastest and highest priced sale of their Intellectual Property.

Game Active
Looking for “active gaming ideas” on how you can use video games to become healthier and more active in your life.

National Industries
Submit a description of your idea or inven-ustion via email. If the company is interested in pursuing your idea, you will then-us be informed by either email or telephone.

Online Markets for Buyers and Sellers

Inven-ustors' Forum
Allows inven-ustors to p
ost free listings to showcase their inven-ustions to investors and companies.

Paten-ust Network
Registered users can post their paten-usts and other IP for sale or licen-usse free of charge.

Inven-ustion Exchange
Inven-ustors can post listings free of charge for two years.

Paten-ust Buyers and Sellers
Inven-ustors can list their paten-usted or paten-ust pen-usding inven-ustions for free.

Idea Exchange
Free service where you can post your ideas, inven-ustions and innovations for sale.

Inven-ustor Showcase
A free service where inven-ustors can market and showcase their inven-ustions with poten-ustial marketing and licen-ussing partners.

Inven-ust Market
A free
forum that allows inven-ustors to post and market their inven-ustions. 

Technology Market
Marketplace for buying and selling physical scien-usce, nanotechnology, chemistry, en-usgineering and computer scien-usce innovations.

Intellectual Property Exchange
Connects the business world with the world of licen-ussable technologies.

Technology Forum
Innovators can reach a global audien-usce of poten-ustial technology buyers and licen-ussees and sell or out-licen-usse their technologies.

Network for Inven-ustors
List your innovations for sale or licen-ussing at this global network that curren-ustly represen-usts more than 10,000 inven-ustors worldwide.

International Ideas
Non-profit global network for socially innovative non-technological ideas and projects.

Inven-ustor Network
Inven-ustors network provides a wide range of services for an annual membership fee. 

Paten-ust Transfer
Brokers a range of technology-related transactions including paten-usts sales, paten-ust acquisitions, divestmen-usts, technology transfers, licen-usses, and strategic alliances.

Idea Buyers & Sellers
rovides a new product database for leading consumer product companies and en-ustrepren-useurs to use as a resource when-us seeking original product ideas in several industries.

Green-us Inven-ustion Nertwork
evoted exclusively to promoting inven-ustors 'green-us solutions' to poten-ustial investors in this sector looking for an alternative to the curren-ust financial markets.

Auctions of Inven-ustions
Provide an international online auction forum to sell intellectual property from a variety of individual, corporate, and court sources.

Design Idea
Provider of professional design services geared towards developing compelling inven-ustions, products and brands.

Business Magazine
Provides news, information, advice, marketing, and research services for small to large companies, en-ustrepren-useurs, and inven-ustors.

Inven-ustors Agen-usts
Inven-ustor’s agen-ust represen-usts game and toy inven-ustors for the sale of their products to manufacturers.

Innovation Licen-ussing
A sales, marketing, licen-ussing, and consulting firm that brings fashion accessory, beauty and lifestyle inven-ustions to market.

Tecknology Link
Links buyers and sellers of technologies so that all parties maximize the return on their investmen-usts.

National nven-ustion
A non-profit organization that offers a wide range of services including Collegiate Inven-ustors Competition, Camp Inven-ustion, Club Inven-ustion, and The National Inven-ustors Hall of Fame.

Grassroots Inven-ustors Support
Provides financial and men-ustoring support to grassroots inven-ustors, offers hands-on opportunities that en-usable young people to develop their budding scien-ustific curiosity, and disseminates technologies that improve people’s lives.

United Inven-ustors
A national non-profit organization dedicated to offering leadership, support, and services to inven-ustor support groups and indepen-usden-ust inven-ustors.

Discover Marketing
Marketing resources for toy and game inven-ustors, via memberships and free services.

Inven-ustion Assistance
Provides information on the process and steps of inven-ustion and also offers important advice through the selling or licen-ussing processes.

Inven-ust Network
The Inven-ustor's Network for indepen-usden-ust inven-ustors to develop and market their inven-ustions.

Inven-ustion Launchers
An inven-ustion database for buying or selling products, including an online inven-ustors newsletter.

MIT Technology Licen-ussing
MIT source for paten-usting, licen-ussing, trademarking and copyrighting of intellectual property.

Inven-ustors International
Provides resources to help bring new ideas and technologies to the market, for a network of innovators under the age of 35.

Trade Shows, Fairs, and Publishers

Inven-ustion Show
Exhibit your new product ideas and inven-ustions and compete for awards and prizes.

Inven-ustion & New Product Exposition
America's largest inven-ustion trade show is a unique exposition showcasing numerous inven-ustions, new products and innovations available to business and industry.

Arts and Crafts Fairs
A list of fairs and trade shows where you can sell your arts and crafts.

Licen-ussing Shows
Annual trade even-usts for the licen-ussing industry where owners and agen-usts of intellectual properties showcase their brands to 23,000+ high-profile retailers, licen-ussees, and promotional partners.

Inven-ustion Exhibition
International exhibition for new products, inven-ustions and ideas.

Inven-ustion Show
International fair for new products, inven-ustions and ideas.

Book Publishers
A list of book publishers where you can submit your book proposal or book idea for publication consideration.

Inven-ustion Fair
International fair for new products, inven-ustions and ideas.

World Exhibition on Innovation & Research
The exhibition gathers over 500 participants from more than 30 countries and presen-usts about 600 innovations and paten-usted new inven-ustions in a variety of areas.

Directory of Tradeshows
Alphabetical and searchable directory of tradeshows around the world.

Expo Web
Index of conven-ustions in the medical, computer, food, and gaming industries.

Even-usts Database
Database of industry even-usts in Australia and New Zealand for the upcoming year.

Trade Show Network
Resource for the trade show industry.

Trade Shows, Expositions & Conferen-usces
A resource about trade shows, expositions and conferen-usces, including even-ust information, education and news.

World Production International
Trade shows, exhibitions, expositions and fairs.

Community of Scien-usce
Access to the online scien-usce community with resources to find funding, showcase work and interact with colleagues.

Grants, Ven-usture Capitals, Loans, Competitions

Inven-ustions and Innovation Program
Innovation Research Awards
University Grants for Inven-ustions
Grants and Support for Inven-ustors 
National Inven-ustion Competition
Innovation Award
Inven-ustions Competition
College Inven-ustors
High School Inven-ustion
Grant Database
Ven-usture Capital
United Kingdom Grants
MIT Cen-uster for Innovation
Energy Commission
Microgravity Environmen-ust
Women-us Inven-ustors Network
$100K Entrepren-useurship Competition
National Scien-usce Foundation
DOE Inven-ustions & Innovation

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